Shor’s Algorithm Deep Dive (Shor to blow your mind)

RSA Encryption

Shor’s Algorithm

notice how the exponent is gone for Shor’s Algorithm!
Here is the same graph with N= 375 instead of 15. It’s way more chaotic!
Here’s a drawing I made of the circuit
These are qubits in the computational basis (aka, the z axis). Image from Qiskit Textbook
The Hadamard gate transforms them to the Fourier basis (aka, the xy plane). Information is stored in terms of angles around the z-axis. Image from Qiskit Textbook
Note: the left vector represents the x register and the right is the w register (which is in superposition to x). 1/4 is a normalization constant, and the plus sign with the circle around it is a bitwise operation. Image from Qiskit
Image from Qiskit



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