Clean Air Q

Introduction: Climate Change

Direct Air Capture and Carbon Conversion

A direct air capture facility

Quantum Computing

  1. Information about a particle’s electron orbitals are encoded into qubits. From this, a circuit architecture (called the ansatz) prepares an initial “trial” wave function representing the particle. This will eventually serve as a guess for the ground state energy.
  2. Then, the ground state energy of this wavefunction is calculated and sent to a classical optimizer as an “expectation value”.
  3. The classical optimizer will adjust certain parameters in the quantum circuit to get a lower expectation value. Repeat!





CS @ UPenn | TKS Activator | AI Enthusiast

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Aashvi Manakiwala

Aashvi Manakiwala

CS @ UPenn | TKS Activator | AI Enthusiast

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