Quantum machine learning sounds like it came straight out of a sci-fi novel

But it’s very much real, and very game changing.

Some of the most advanced AI algorithms today use multiple types of hardware to run their own subroutines. These chips range from general and slow at some tasks…

My team (Tasha Pais, Shivam Syal, Thomas Breydo) and I are developing a moonshot company leveraging quantum machine learning to find a 10x more efficient catalyst to use in direct air carbon capture, ultimately creating a more scalable and cost-effective process.

Introduction: Climate Change

Climate change is an unimaginably large global problem. 20…

Quantum Computing sounds like a term straight out of a science fiction novel. But after the initial wave of awe at this buzzword, most people are left wondering, “so what does actually mean?”

Let me tell you! Scroll down to see this emerging field’s purpose, physics/hardware, progress, and potential.


Imagine if the world around you was a (huge, multidimensional and interconnected) jigsaw puzzle. All of the different aspects somehow connected with each other to create a grand big picture. Individually, we live in the realm of singular puzzle pieces. Throughout our lifetime, we see a couple of different aspects…

Aashvi Manakiwala

CS @ UPenn | TKS Activator | AI Enthusiast

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